Zoo Worker Thought it Was All Over When a Panther Lunged…You MUST SEE What Actually Happens!! | Chicks News

A video has recently been circulating around the internet of a man standing in front of a black panther’s exhibit at what appears to be a zoo or wildlife preserve. The man is casually talking as he stand in front of a wall where the black panther is standing and watching. Slowly, you see the panther stalking the man as if he is going to attack. What happens next was just incredible!

Just when you think the panther is going to pounce on the man, the man turns around and begins to play with the panther!

zoo-worker-thought-it-was-all-over-when-a-panther-lunged-you-must-see-what-actually-happens-2936068 Source: The Today Show

It turns out, the black panther named Kal-El resides at the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation in Mexico. The man in the video is Eduardo Serio. He runs the Tiger Foundation in Mexico and is Kal-El’s rescuer! The foundation began in 2013 to protect large cats from trafficking and exploitation. Several dozen large cats have been rescued by the foundation and live on their 30 acre property. Check out the video of their interaction below.