You're Going to Need Tissues After Reading This Tragic Story of a Widower! | Chicks News

Last year, Carlos Morales and his wife Erica got to experience the greatest joy- the birth of their quadruplets. On January 15, 2015, Carlos Jr., Erica, Paisley, and Tracy were born. Just 8 hours later, their mother Erica died due to a high volume of blood loss (known as Hypovolemic shock). In a brief period of time, Carlos became a father to 4 infants as well as a widower.

Photo Credit: People Magazine

In the midst of his grief, Carlos had to face the challenging task of raising 4 babies without the help of his wife. Fortunately, family and friends assisted Carlos in caring for the infants. Throughout the past year, Carlos has dealt with his grief and sadness. All the while, he had his beautiful quads to help him stay strong and keep moving forward. Each new milestone they reached was bittersweet for Carlos. He was excited to watch the babies grow and develop, but sad that Erica was not there to part of it.

Photo Credit: People Magazine

The babies turned 1 on January 15. It was a happy celebration, but it was also a day twinged with sadness. The babies’ birthday marked the one year anniversary of Erica’s death. Carlos continues to look toward the future with his quadruplets while he remembers his wife and their mother, Erica.