You'll Never Guess Who Will Play Lara Croft In the New Tomb Raider! | Chicks News

A new Lara Croft: Tomb Raider movie is currently in the works, but Angelina Jolie will not be reprising her notable role as Lara Croft. Instead, a new actress has been cast as Lara.

That actress is 27-year-old Alicia Vikander! She will play a young Lara in a movie that will serve as a prequel to the other Tomb Raider movies. There are rumors that Daisy Ridley (who recently played Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens), but ultimately Alicia was selected for this role.

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Alicia received an Oscar award for Best Supporting Actress earlier this year for her role in the movie The Danish Girl. Vikaner can also be seen in the upcoming Jason Bourne film as well as the upcoming film The Light Between The Oceans.

The reboot of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is still in the pre-production stages, so an estimated release date is not yet available. However, it will be exciting to see another actress take on the role of Lara Croft!

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