You'll NEVER Believe What this Bride Did At Her Wedding for Her Husband | Chicks News

Last Friday, a British woman shaved her head and got married all in the same day. Yes, you read that correctly. The reason why she shaved her head is completely moving.

Photo Credit: Struth Photography

Joan Lyons’ new husband, Craig, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2015. Tragically, his cancer diagnosis is terminal, and their time together will be limited. The couple had a beautiful, traditional wedding ceremony with all of their family and friends around them.

However, they had a very special wedding reception. As a way to honor and pay tribute to her new husband, Joan shaved her head during their wedding reception.

Photo Credit: Struth Photography

Before shaving her hair, Joan braided it into small, thin braids that stuck out over her head, She did this so that her hair could be donated to a charity that makes wigs for sick children who have lost their hair. The lovely couple asked that their wedding guests consider donating to specific charities that help families who are going through difficult times.

Photo Credit: Struth Photography

The wedding photographers who captured these special moments donated their time through Gift Of A Wedding, which is a charity in the United Kingdom that offers free wedding services to people who are terminally ill. The photographers said the wedding was one of the happiest, most joyful weddings they have ever attended or photographed.