You Would Think This Was a Funeral By The Pictures But Guess Again! | Chicks News

Most traditional style weddings involve a beautiful white or off-white gown for the bride, but who’s to say that you can’t put your own twist to it?

Traditional and “following the rules” was not the case for bride Sophie Cachia. Sophie and her groom Jaryd didn’t think that the traditional style of a white gown and black tux really gave a good representation of their personalities.

What was really creative about this wedding, was the style in clothing choice. The two decided to base their outfits off of what represented their style. Cachia chose a beautiful black dress to wear.

Yes, black.

While most people would think of this to be very odd for a wedding, Cachia looked absolutely stunning.

Even her bridesmaids wore simple black dresses.

Cachia’s dress was designed exactly how she wanted after getting in contact with a designer.

Her dress made a bold statement. Sexy, timeless, and definitely one to remember.

When asked about her color choice and scheme she simply states, “Why would you want to look the same as everyone else?” she says. “Especially on the biggest day of your life.”Little Things

The whole wedding followed the fit of being non-traditional. Even her groom picked and styled his own outfit to match Cachia.

Kudos to this couple for breaking the traditional barrier!