You Won't Believe that These Two Animals Became BFFs! You MUST See This! | Chicks News

Dogs tend to be highly social animals. They usually enjoy being in the company of people and other animals (especially dogs). An Australian Shepherd mix named Moose was rescued at a very young age. His “mom” recently rescued another animal- a very happy and smiley fox named Juniper! What happened next was unbelievable and absolutely hilarious!! Moose quickly became Juniper’s guard dog. They eat together, nap together, and pal around together. Because Juniper was so young when she was rescued, she is more like a dog than a fox! She has become domesticated. However, she is still different than a typical pet because she is nippy and can be difficult to take care of.


Photo Credit: Instagram/Juniper Foxx

Juniper’s owner cautions people NOT to take a fox in as a pet. She says foxes smell really bad and there is no way to get rid of the scent.  Also, foxes are very destructive and will look for things to destroy around your house. They need to be fed a special diet of bones and meat every day. So, getting a pet fox is not recommended at all.


Photo Credit: Instagram/Juniper Foxx