You Won't Believe How This Fast Food Chain Is Changing the Nail Polish Game! | Chicks News

If you love KFC chicken and painting your nails, you will certainly love the new product they have created!

KFC created a natural and edible nail polish that dries with a glossy finish and tastes just like KFC chicken. The nail polishes come in Hot and Spicy as well as Original.

Like other nail polishes, this special edible polish dries hard onto your nails. You cannot purchase this product just yet, but the company expects to mass produce the nail polish later this year. KFC always claims that their chicken is “finger licking good” well, now they have a nail polish that matches their slogan!

Photo Credit: KFC / Ogilvy

What do you think about this crazy new product? Would you try it? Check out the promo video below that has been used to promote this nail polish product in Hong Kong.