You NEED These 6 Super Simple Life Hacks For Women In Your Life! | Chicks News

Check out these super simple life hacks that will make life just a bit easier for any woman!

Here are the 6 Best Life Hacks for Women

Need a place to store your bracelets? Use wine bottles! You can stack your bracelets on the neck of wine bottles. If you want to get extra fancy, you can add little glow lights inside the bottles or spray paint them for added flare!


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If you have small or round eye shadow containers, you can keep them organized by storing them in an ice cube tray.


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Get a ‘Y’ shaped PVC pipe to store your hairdryer and curling iron in. You can pick one up for a low price at your local hardware store.


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Use a large, empty Tic Tac container to store your bobby pins! You can decorate it to add extra pizazz!


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Want to add some color to your hair style? Pain your bobby pins with nail polish. Be sure to let them dry before you put them in your hair!


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You can remove gel nail polish at home with acetone, gauze pads, and aluminum foil. Wet the gauze pads with acetone and place them over your fingernails. Wrap some aluminum foil around the acetone-soaked gauze to keep them in place. Leave them in place for approximately 5-7 minutes or until the polish comes off completely.


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