You Must See These 6 Essential Mom Hacks – They Will Make Your Life Much Easier!! | Chicks News

Life hacks are fantastic because they provide simple solutions to make life just a bit easier. Today, we are sharing some super simple ‘mom hacks’ that are perfect for busy moms!

Use a hanging  shoe organizer to store your cleaning supplies and keep them organized

6 Essential Mom Hacks to Make Your Life Much Easier!!

Keep bibs right where you need them by attaching a command hook to the back of your baby’s high chair. That way, you always have easy access to a bib.

Get rid of squeaky floors with baby powder! Just sprinkle a bit on the floor and sweet it into the cracks.

Use an old ice cube tray to sort your earrings or other jewelry.

Use shower curtain hooks to hang and store your purses in your closet.

Put hot glue on the bottom of socks to prevent slipping and sliding