You MUST Check Out the Orange Is The New Black Trailer!

For those of us who watch Orange Is the New Black on Netflix, it has been an agonizing wait for season 4 to be released! The wait is nearing an end! Season 4 premiers on June 17. To hold us over until the June release, the Orange Is The New Black trailer for the new season was recently released!

It sure looks like season 4 will be crazy. So, what will we be seeing in season 4? Litchfield Prison will now be a private, for-profit prison, which means new rules, new guards, and new inmates.

In the trailer, we see that Taystee has become a secretary for Caputo. We hear Piper saying that she has started to “feel unsafe lately.” Hmmmm what could that mean??

Sophia is still in the SHU, and we can see that Suzanne (also known as Crazy Eyes) is in the show. The trailer shows clips of her in the infirmary. What is going on at Litchfield?

Red seems to have a beef with a male employee. And whatever ended up happening to Alex at the end of season 3? Check out the Orange Is The New Black trailer for yourself, and get ready for the new season on Netflix beginning this June 17th!

Check Out the New Orange Is The New Black Trailer!

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