You Have To Try This Best Wine Slushy Recipe! It is SO Darn Refreshing!! | Chicks News

Memorial Day weekend is just over a week away. As we kick off the first pool weekend of the summer, we cannot think of a better time to enjoy a delicious and refreshing Strawberry Peach Wine Slushy. This is SO simple to make, and so unbelievably tasty. If you love Chardonnay, peaches, and wine, you just have to try this recipe.

The Best, Most REFRESHING Wine Slushy Recipe!!

Strawberry Peach Wine Slushy Ingredients:

2.5 cups of frozen strawberries

2.5 cups of  frozen peaches

1.5 cups of Chardonnay (Frontera Chardonnay works well)

Strawberry Peach Wine Slushy Directions:

Put the frozen strawberries and 3/4 cup of Chardonnay in your blender. Blend the ingredients together until they become smooth. If you want to thin it out, you can add more Chardonnay. Clean out your blender and repeat the same process with the frozen peaches and add the remaining Chardonnay. Finally, pour a layer of your strawberry slushy mixture into a wine glass, then pour a layer of your peach slushy mixture, and continue on until you have used up all of your mixtures. Now, enjoy your delicious slushy!