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If you pay any attention to the sky, you can occasionally see incredible sunsets and cloud formations. What makes an unusual cloud formation or sunset different from the average? Typically, the colors are more vibrant and the shapes are unique. Just recently, a distinctly unique cloud formation appeared over the north coast Portuguese sky on the Island of Madeira. This incredible cloud structure appeared to many as the hand of God reaching down with a bright, burning fireball in its fist early in the morning. [Read more…]

If you follow the latest news on United States politics, you are probably somewhat aware of what is going on with the democratic and republican campaigns. At first there were many, many individuals campaigning on the republican side. Gradually, those numbers have dwindled down to 5. All along, one individual running on the republican side stood out. Can you guess who? If you guessed that we are referring to Donald Trump, give yourself a pat on the back. Dear old Donald Trump has been drawing a lot of attentive and getting a great deal of press- both good and bad. Lets be frank here. The man can say anything and get away with it. Whether you support him or not, we are pretty sure we can all agree that he says some outlandish and abrasive stuff. Is he honest? Well, it certainly sounds like he says exactly what he thinks. Today, we have gathered some of the most offensive, ridiculous, and hilarious Donald Trump quotes currently floating around in the atmosphere. [Read more…]

If you live on the east coast of the United States, you were likely impacted by last weekend’s huge blizzard, winter storm Jonas. It was such a large, impactful storm that some people referred to it as a snopocalypse or snowmageddon! [Read more…]

The interwebs can be a very strange and bizarre place. There are some deep recesses of the internet where one may not want to venture. Weird products, crazy conspiracy theories, you name it- it is surely out there on the internet somewhere. Even popular websites like Amazon sell peculiar products. You probably will not stumble across these odd items if you are searching for a New York Time’s bestselling novel on Amazon, but if you look around you may come across some of these bizarre gems that we like to call “the Weirdest Things On Amazon.” [Read more…]

If you follow pop culture at all, you know who Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are. If you know who they are, you probably also know that they now have two children, both with stupid names. First they had North West (a girl), and now they have Saint West (a boy). We think that is a pretty heavy name to have to live up to. You may be wondering what Saint West middle name is. The answer? He doesn’t have one. [Read more…]

Though it may be hard to believe, Thanksgiving is just one week and a day away now! As you plan out your menu and think about what you want to eat on Thanksgiving, you probably are not thinking about what you don’t want to eat on Thanksgiving. Well, today we are bringing you some super weird food products and dishes you likely would NOT want to see (or eat) as part of your Thanksgiving meal! [Read more…]

Some people live for thrills and adventure. For some of us thrill seekers, riding a roller coaster, snowboarding, parasailing, or surfing would be enough of a thrill. Other thrill seekers need to up the ante by base jumping, skydiving, bungee jumping, etc. What do you do when even those thrilling activities become blasé? The answer: you give rooftopping a try! [Read more…]

Since Halloween will soon be here, we thought we would focus this post on a super creepy location. That location is the Danvers State Mental Hospital (or the State Lunatic Hospital). This hospital is located in Danvers, Massachusetts. It opened in 1878. The hospital was built in such a way that it had specific wings for male and female patients. Certain wings were preserved for the most violent, unstable individuals. Underground tunnels connected various parts of the building. [Read more…]

If you love spooky stuff, there is a good chance October is one of your favorite months. October is the perfect time to freak yourself out with horror movies, haunted corn mazes, scary books, and frighteningly disturbing haunted locations. For us, haunted locations are by far the most fear-inducing. If you are going to be in the Chicago area on or around Halloween, you may want to visit some of these truly scary places in Chicago. Check out these Chicago hauntings! [Read more…]


Many people enjoy visiting amusement parks. They like the thrilling rides, the food, and the experience as a whole. Amusement parks are typically fun places full of laughter, gleeful screaming (okay, sometimes terrified screams come from massive/twisty roller coasters), and high energy. What happens when amusement parks are abandoned? They tend to become hauntingly creepy, full of overgrown plants and graffiti. These amusement parks look like something out of a nightmare! Check out our list of creepy abandoned amusement parks. [Read more…]