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When most individuals get a bug bite, they get a red bump that itches very badly. It might get a bit swollen, but in a few days the redness decreases and the itchiness goes away. One man recently had a different, and thankfully rare bug bite reaction. [Read more…]

Just recently, a group of prisoners detained in a Texas prison broke out of their jail cell… for the right reason. An on-duty guard slumped over suddenly right in front of the prisoners. They knew something was wrong, so they began to yell and bang on their cell hoping to get other guards’ attention. But what happened next is something I’ll never forget!! [Read more…]


The other week we told you a story about a woman who woke up to find a massive snake slithering through her house in Australia. Today, we have another weird creature story to tell you about! One family recently walked onto their porch only to find a large reptile (a monitor lizard to be exact) calmly hanging out. You must see this!! [Read more…]

When most people wake up in the morning, they yawn, stretch, and perhaps lay in bed for a few minutes before they get up to start their day. When you wake up in the morning, you tend to expect to see things in your bedroom just as they were before you fell asleep. What one Australian woman discovered in her home one morning is the stuff of nightmares! [Read more…]

If you are looking for a strange and random stuff to buy as a gift, look no further than Amazon! There you will find some truly bizarre items that you can purchase. Here are 6 more odd items that you can purchase on Amazon. [Read more…]

If you love KFC chicken and painting your nails, you will certainly love the new product they have created! [Read more…]

When choosing a babysitter for your family, it is often hard to find someone that you can fully depend on and trust. It’s even hard to find someone that your child feels comfortable around, or even your dog. For this South Carolina couple, they owe everything to their black lab and German shepard mix, Killian.  [Read more…]

Are Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber an item? Are they hooking up? Or maybe, the two are just friends and enjoy one another’s company. We’re getting different results from different sources. [Read more…]

Catherine St. Germaine thought that she would live happily ever after once she married the man of her dreams in Colorado. He was an Army Veteran who was previously married before Catherine with one girl who was then a teenager. Catherine knew him for over 20 years and was dating him for three, until they finally got married and had kids of their own! [Read more…]


When you think of Easter Bunnies, you generally visualize a cute, fluffy white rabbit. His ears and eyes are oversized. Heck, he might even wear a dapper bow. Thinking about the Easter Bunny might even give you the warm fuzzies as you reflect back on your happy memories from your childhood. [Read more…]