Woman Known For Leaving Empty Cribs On Her Front Porch, But For What Reason? | Chicks News

Catherine Lucre, is a working nurse and mother from Sydney, Australia. What people really know Catherine for is her strong desire in what she stands for.

Catherine believes that “baby boxes” or safe havens should be available for mothers who don’t have what they need in order to raise their child or children. It breaks her heart when she sees or hears about mothers who just abandon their children when there are other resources out there.

This woman took a stand for this by placing empty bassinet’s outside her home on her porch, hoping that these troubled mothers will use the opportunity to leave their child somewhere safe. From there, Catherine anonymously takes the children to the hospital, and contacts child services. She finds that it is important to keep the mother’s name private as well her anything else they regard.

No one wants to read about this or see this kind of tragedy where mothers simply leave their children in restrooms or trash cans because they simply cannot take care of them. It’s so sickening.

Catherine however, is trying to make a change along with her community that she has now influenced.

What an amazing woman to say the least.

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