Woman Happily Married To Dream Man Until She Receives Disturbing News From Police! | Chicks News

Catherine St. Germaine thought that she would live happily ever after once she married the man of her dreams in Colorado. He was an Army Veteran who was previously married before Catherine with one girl who was then a teenager. Catherine knew him for over 20 years and was dating him for three, until they finally got married and had kids of their own!

This story however, sadly didn’t end up as happily ever after. In fact, ten months after the couple got married, Catherine received a chilling call from a police officer about her husband.

The police officer informed her that the night before, her husband had sexually assaulted his oldest daughter who was only a teenager!


Catherine immediately filed for a divorce from this monster, and kicked him out without thought.

He tried to claim that he was innocent throughout the whole trial, but DNA test do not lie. They in fact came back positive and he was charged as guilty with ONLY a 90 day sentence and 8 years of probation. Absolutely ridiculous.

Heartbroken about this event, Catherine used this as a way to get a message out and take a stand on sexual assault. The mother actually posted a video to facebook about this story and encourages mothers everywhere to be more aware of sexual predators and take precautions.

Check out this video and help to spread awareness on this serious topic!

H/T Thoughtful Women