Woman Gives Birth In Diner, But The Baby Is Put In SERIOUS Danger! | Chicks News

Looking for help inside of a near-by diner, pregnant Kaycee was ready to give birth and the baby was coming fast.

Her mother was waiting for her at the hospital previously because she figured that’s where she would be, but Kaycee was nowhere to be found.

Kaycee immediately dropped to the floor screaming for help as she entered the restaurant, and actually passed out. Without hesitation, two male truck drivers who were both dining in, jumped to help poor Kaycee out.

Her mother in the meantime was frightened because she thought something had happened to her daughter on the way to the hospital. Luckily, she just went into labor.

After Kaycee woke back up, the baby was already peeking it’s head out of the womb! The truck drivers quickly called 911 so they had someone that could helpfully talk them through this.

The two men thought they could handle this on their own, but it was when they noticed that the baby’s face had turned a shade of blue, that something just wasn’t right.

Kaylee’s umbilical cord had wrapped around the baby’s neck, making it nearly impossible to delivery the child successfully without strangling it.

So, one of the truck drivers got word from the 911 operators that the only thing to do would be push the child back into the womb. Kaylee, in the midst of all of this pain was not okay with this at first, but it was the only way and chance she had for her baby.

Both men, carefully but quickly pushed the baby back into the womb and the cord loosened from the child’s neck. Kaylee could then successfully deliver her baby, and she did. All thanks to these two brave truck drivers.

Moments after giving birth, Kaylee’s mother arrived after getting word that her daughter was in labor in a diner.

What an eventful story. Frightening, but successful!

H/T Little Things