Woman Dyes Hair To Reveal Her Baby's Gender! | Chicks News

Couples have come up with some creative ways to reveal if they are expecting a baby girl or a baby boy. One couple in South Dakota came up with a unique and bold way to reveal their unborn baby’s sex. Soon-to-be parents Amanda and Gerald decided Amanda would dye her hair pink or blue depending upon the sex of their baby.

At first, Amanda planned to only dye a small section of her hair. She later changed her mind and decided to go all out and dye her whole head pink or blue! The fun part about this gender reveal is that even Amanda and Gerald had not found out what they were having, so this was the big reveal for them. Amanda’s hair stylist kept the mirror covered so Amanda could not see what color dye she was putting on her hair. Are you dying to know what Amanda is having? If so, check out the video below to watch this fun and unique gender reveal!