Will Bey And Jay Z Get a Divorce??? You MUST See This! | Chicks News

Beyonce and Jay Z seems to have it all. Fame, talent, success, an adorable daughter, and the perfect marriage. Right? Maybe not. Recent photos have revealed that both Bey and Jay Z have removed their wedding rings. While it could be a coincidence, it seems a bit strange that they both ditched their rings. Bey’s diamond ring cost a whopping $5 million. Why would anyone want to take such a stunning rock off their finger??

Photo Credit: BET.com

During Beyonce’s recent concert, Jay Z was also seen without his wedding ring. Some people have begun to speculate that the power couple is having trouble and may be headed towards divorce. Both Beyonce and Jay Z have matching tattoos on their ring fingers. However, Beyonce’s tattoo appears to have faded significantly over the years to the point that it is barely visible. The recent release of Bey’s song Lemonade has also heightened suspicions that the couple is dealing with infidelity.

So what do you think?? Are Bey and Jay Z headed towards divorce? Time will tell!