Wife Shocks Husband With A VERY Special Surprise! | Chicks News

A little over a year ago, Tyrone’s wife Mesha was pregnant with their second child. Close to the end of her pregnancy, Tyrone had to take a trip outside of the country, and the two knew that he would possibly miss the birth of their child.

It turns out that five days before his return, Mesha went into labor and delivered her second baby boy. Instead of telling her husband about the birth of their child, she decided to keep it a secret! Upon Tyrone’s arrival, Mesha planned out the perfect surprise to tell her husband that she successfully delivered her baby.

Inside the baby crib which was fully decorated out, Mesha laid out a box, where she placed the newborn just seconds before Tyrone walked into the room. Luckily the baby stayed quiet throughout this whole scenario. She patiently waited in her bedroom with her other child as her husband came into the room, camera ready and all! She told her husband that there was something waiting in the bed, and his reaction when he saw the baby was absolutely priceless!

Tyrone couldn’t stop smiling as he held his new baby boy. And he was later informed that just a few hours after Mesha had taken him to the airport, she went into labor!

What a perfect family surprise!

H/T Little Things