Who Saved Who in the Pets for Vets Program?? You Must See This Heartwarming Video | Chicks News

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows how loving and loyal they can be. There is nothing like coming home to a dog who is overjoyed to see you. Dogs are known to be able to read human emotions. This makes dogs the perfect candidates to serve as companions to individuals who need a good friend.

Recently, an animal trainer recognized the potential benefits of paring shelters dogs with veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder. She took her dog, Bear, to visit a group of veterans at a Veteran’s Hospital and was amazed by the positive responses the vets had to Bear.

Photo Credit: Manchester Animal Shelter

This inspired her to found Pets For Vets. The mission of her organization is to give shelter dogs a second chance, while helping to improve the lives of veterans who are struggling. Pets For Vets has successfully matched several shelter dogs with veterans. The results have been incredible!

One vet said his life has turned around all because of the shelter dog he was matched with. The matching process is very thorough. Members of the organization carefully screen the dogs and match them with vets based on personality, the vet’s lifestyle, as well as other factors.

Pets For Vets has been a huge success, and it has greatly improved life for both the rescued dogs and the veterans!

Photo Credit: Polk Sheriff