When This Hilarious Dog Opened His Mouthed Speechless!! | Chicks News

Charley the dog really wanted to communicate with his owners. But, I never thought this would happen! This hilarious 30 second video will shock you!

If you have ever owned a dog or spent time around a dog, you know that they have an incredible ability to connect with humans. Dogs don’t connect with us in the same way that people connect with one another. Regardless, they seem to pick up on our moods and feelings. Dogs typically communicate through their tail wags, barks, and body language.


However, one dog named Charlie recently tried to communicate with his people by talking to them! Not surprisingly, his message was somewhat unclear and rather hilarious. In the recorded video of Charlie, it sounds as though he is saying “rah rah rah rahhhhhh” or “blahh blah blah blah.” Perhaps he is trying to tell his owners that he needs them to be his cheerleaders? Or maybe he is trying to tell them that he is bored to tears? Either way, Charlie’s attempt to ‘speak’ with his people is hilarious. Who knows, he might have better luck writing down his message!