When I Saw This Beautiful Friendship Between Toddlers – Tears!!

Lately, there has been a great deal of unrest, distrust, and fear in this country. In recent months, the U.S. has faced  the threat of terrorism, dealt with racial issues, observed a seemingly dissolving political system, and so much more. We see these issues in different forms- some subtle and latent, and some highly visible and pronounced. Of late, racial tensions have boiled over to new heights for this century in the U.S. We have been  witnessing a lot of death, violence, and heartache.

Photo Credit: MelanieSimpson.com

But, two innocent children remind us that we once found a way to get along. When we were young like the little boys, we were innocent and accepting of others. We didn’t care about race, gender, cultural background, or any other classification we can assign to another person. Those sorts of things are taught. Back then, we just saw another human being who we could play with and have fun with. Regardless of how you feel about race relations and systemic injustice, remember you were once an innocent, open-minded and loving child just like these two little boys. Check out this sweet and moving video below.

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