When I Found Out Why These Adorable Triplets Chase After The Garbage Truck I Melted! | Chicks News

2-year-old triplets Heaton, Holden, and Wilder have a very special friendship with a few unlikely individuals. When I saw this story and found out why they chase after the local garbage truck, my heart absolutely melted! Yours will too!

Beginning when they were just a few months old, the triplets and their mom would wave to their local sanitation workers as they passed them on their neighborhood walks. In time, the sanitation workers began to stop to chat with mom Martha Sugalski and the triplets. This evolved into a very special friendship between Heaton, Holden, Wilder, and the sanitation workers.

On Tuesday and Fridays, the garbage truck (or the garb truck as they call it) pulls up in front of their house. The triplets jump up and down, excitedly waiting for this special moment each “garb day.” Oftentimes, the triplets have treats and refreshments on hand for their friends. No visit would be complete without hugs and high fives. The triplets help the men put their garbage into the truck. The videos of the triplets eagerly waiting for and then interacting with their friends have gone viral. Their parents have received praise for teaching the triplets to be kind and giving at such a young age. This friendship is not a one-way street; the sanitation workers are equally delighted to see the triplets every Tuesday and Friday.