What Happens When 26 Disney Girls Do Fashion? | Chicks News

At some point in our lives, most of us ladies have pretended to be that special Disney fairy tale princess. What happens when our favourite childhood fantasies meet the sexy, sophisticated world of fashion? Deviantart user Sashiiko-Anti decided to find out. She decided to explore 26 of our favourite Disney heroines and villains in style.

Based on her technique, it’s pretty clear she’s got an amazing grasp of classic fashion design. And as someone that (in my previous life) dabbled in fashion school, I have to say she’s the real deal!

Check it out for yourself below. Pay special attention to how she explores the elements of each Disney female, and builds them out with appropriate textures, colour schemes, dramatic volumes, accessories…Ahh! I’m totally geeking out!

➥ Source: sashiiko-anti.deviantart.com