What Happened to This Heroic and Famous Rescue Dog Breaks My Heart | Chicks News

You won’t believe what recently happened to this famous rescue dog used at the site of the World Trade Center!

Bretagne, a golden retriever had to be put to sleep at the age of 16. What made Bretagne such a special and heroic dog? She was part of the 9/111 search effort at the 9/11 site of the World Trade Center. At the time, Bretagne was only 2 years old. At her passing, she was the last known living 9/11 search and rescue dog.


In the days following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Bretagne and her handler spent 10 days searching for human remains at the World Trade Center site. Approximately 24 first responders saluted Bretagne as she walked up the side walk to the veternarian’s office for the last time. When her body was carried out of the veterinary facility, an American flag was draped over her body. RIP Bretagne, a very special and heroic dog.


Photo Credit: Karen Warren/Houston Chronicle via AP