Weird Food Products You Wouldn't Want On Thanksgiving

Though it may be hard to believe, Thanksgiving is just one week and a day away now! As you plan out your menu and think about what you want to eat on Thanksgiving, you probably are not thinking about what you don’t want to eat on Thanksgiving. Well, today we are bringing you some super weird food products and dishes you likely would NOT want to see (or eat) as part of your Thanksgiving meal!

Check them out. We genuinely hope they don’t make you queasy! This Thanksgiving, you can be grateful these items are not on your menu!

Without further ado, we give you weird food products (that you really wouldn’t want to see on your Thanksgiving table)

Credit: Woman’s Day

At first glance these drinks might look harmless. However, if you closely inspect the label you will see that these Jones Sodas are turkey and gravy flavored! Yuck. We can’t even imagine how gross these sodas taste.

Credit: Backtalk

We are not completely certain what is in this gelatinous blob, but we think it is some sort of food. Whatever it is, it does not look appetizing to us.

Credit: Flavorwire

This interesting looking thing is a turkey wrapped in bacon. Probably not the most nutritious meal, and not the most visually appealing either. However, a bacon lover would likely enjoy this!

Credit: Pinterest

This is called Veggieducken. It is some sort of vegetarian-ish Thanksgiving meal. The “ducken” part is throwing us off. Maybe it isn’t completely vegetarian, but it doesn’t look like something we would be craving on Thanksgiving!

Credit: Pinterest

Don’t feel like making a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving? That’s okay, just throw these bad boys down on the table!

Credit: Random Good Stuff

This is Thanksgiving in a can- just for Fido! It combines all the ingredients you might see in a Thanksgiving meal. Except it is all mashed up and in a can. Oh well, your dog will love it.

Credit: Popsugar

Here we have Thanksgiving chips. We are not too sure about these… turkey and gravy chips, stuffing chips, and pumpkin pie chips. This is most definitely an interesting snack!

Credit: Huffington Post

Last but not least, this faux turkey. This furkey (we’re calling it a furkey because its a farce!) is made from cake, candy, frosting, and food coloring. At first glance, you might actually believe its the real deal. Syke! It’s a cake, and it is kind of odd. What’s wrong with a regular cake?