Weird Facts About Ireland You HAVE to See to Believe!

If you have ever visited Ireland, you know that there are many wonderful places to visit, and many grand sights to behold. Sure, there are some popularly, touristy areas that everyone wants to visit. Did you know that there are also many unusual things in Ireland that you can see? Today, we have compiled a list of weird facts about Ireland. Along with the weird facts, we have listed the weird, unusual things you can see in Ireland!


Credit: Wikipedia

This is the Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland. From the outside, this looks like a pretty normal cathedral. What makes this particular cathedral different is that it has a crypt with some pretty unusual contents. In the crypt you will find a mummified cat trying to catch a mummified rat. Also in the crypt, you will find the heart of a patron saint. The crypt is open to the public, so check it out if you are ever in Dublin!