Wedding Memorial Ideas: Bride Remembers Dad in a Special Way

Although weddings are typically joyful occasions filled with love, there can also be an element of sadness for some brides and grooms. This tends to be the case when a loved one is very ill or is deceased and unable to be present at the wedding. Many brides and grooms try to find ways to honor their loved ones during their wedding. They may list their name in the wedding program, or they may sit out a picture of the absent loved one. Out of the many wedding memorial ideas we have heard about, the one we are sharing today is especially moving. This one is a tear-jerker, so get your tissues ready.

Kirsten Mundell’s father was killed while working as a sheriff’s deputy back in 2009. Although he would not be able to be physically present at her wedding, Kirsten wanted to keep his memory alive by honoring him on her big day.

She used a royal blue ribbon to lace up her beautiful corset back wedding dress. The royal blue ribbon symbolized the Thin Blue Line that represents or symbolizes police forces. In the seat where the father of the bride typically sits, Kirsten placed a framed photo of her dad, as well as a special sign and the jacket from her father’s police uniform. She asked one of her father’s former co-workers, a police detective, to walk her down the aisle as a way to honor her dad’s memory.

As planned, the police detective danced with Kirsten during what would have been her father-daughter dance. What happened next brought Kirsten and her guests to tears. Several of her father’s former co-workers from the police force took turns dancing what would have been her “father-daughter” dance. Four different officers danced with Kirsten in their police uniforms. The photographer and guests described it as an incredibly moving thing to witness.