Watch Baby's Smile As He Gains Vision And Sees Mother Clearly For The First Time: Heartwarming! | Chicks News

Every parent wants the absolute best for their child when they enter the world, all the way throughout their life. Not everyone is born healthy though, and everyone knows that. Some are born with health complications, where others are born completely healthy with no problems and they can go their whole life without any issues.

When a child is born with problems, some can be seen right away and corrected. Though there is a negative side as well, some aren’t as fortunate and are stuck with health issues throughout their life. When a child is born with vision and hearing problems, it’s often hard to correct these.

This specific baby, was born with oculocutaneous albinism. This is a rare disorder, where pigmentation is affected in someone’s hair and eyes. It also affects one’s vision. In most cases, oculocutaneous albinism is an inherited disorder.

For this little boy, his ophthalmologist  successfully created a pair of custom glasses that would allow him to gain vision.  This video shows the incredible moment of him seeing his mother clearly for the first time.

Watch this adorable moment and smile that will make your heart melt!

H/T Diply