Vertigo From Rooftopping Pictures Taken from High Places

Some people live for thrills and adventure. For some of us thrill seekers, riding a roller coaster, snowboarding, parasailing, or surfing would be enough of a thrill. Other thrill seekers need to up the ante by base jumping, skydiving, bungee jumping, etc. What do you do when even those thrilling activities become blasé? The answer: you give rooftopping a try!

Rooftopping consists of pictures taken from high places. From that description, you might find yourself thinking “what’s the big deal, that sounds simple enough.” Actually, it is a big deal. In order to take these terrifying photos, the individuals who are ‘rooftopping‘ climb (in many cases illegally) to the top of high buildings and towers. Then, they carefully approach the edge of the roof. Sometimes they sit and dangle their feet over the side of the building. Other times, they stand treacherously close to the edge of the roof and look out. An essential component of rooftopping is the photograph. The photographs are used to show a new vantage point of a city or region. However, it is from a vantage point that many people would be unwilling to seek.

These photos are completely anxiety and vertigo inducing if you ask us! We will admit, the photographs are pretty incredible. However, safety is most definitely a concern here. What can we say, people are going to do what they are going to do. Check out these crazy pictures of people rooftopping all around the world! See if you can guess the locations from these usually high vantage points. And try not to get too dizzy (or anxious) looking at this photos!

Photo credit: Pinterest

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