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If you enjoy shopping on Etsy, you may already know that you can find some really unique items! Etsy is one of the best places to find unique necklaces and other customized, distinct jewelry.

We have compiled a list of unique Etsy necklaces. Check out some of these fantastic necklaces.

Etsy Jewelry Unique Necklaces

This gorgeous flower necklace is sold by the Etsy shop MagaelaAccessories. The necklace sells for $93.91. It is a perfect accessory for a wedding dress, formal outfit, and more.

This unique necklace is called ‘Kaleidoscope Jubilee.’ It can be purchased in the allybling Etsy shop. Kaleidoscope Jubilee can be purchased for $899.00. It is made of glass beads, gems, durable nylon string, and pearls.

How awesome is this colorful Barbie shoe necklace? It is for sale in the ChinnyFlynny Etsy shop. The necklace can be purchased for $499.00. This is certainly a funky and vibrant necklace!

This copper wire mesh necklace is for sale in the Ksemi Etsy shop. It is for sale for $165.00 It is a very bold statement necklace. This necklace is called ‘the creature.’

This lovely Ukrainian necklace is called the ‘beautiful viola.’ It is for sale in the NatalyHopeBoutique Etsy shop. This Etsy necklace is for sale for $65.00. It pairs well with a casual outfit, but it can also be worn with a fancy outfit.

If you love London, this skyline necklace is perfect for you! It can be purchased for $57.00 from the Sketchadesign Etsy shop. It is a unique necklace that can be worn with a causal outfit. It makes a great gift!

This fabulously funky ‘Billions of Bubbles’ necklace can be purchased from the WeirdlyCute Etsy shop. This necklace is currently for sale for $68.00. This dramatic necklace looks great with a scoop-neck shirt or dress.

Check out this vibrant statement necklace! It is for sale in the estudioshop Etsy shop. This necklace can be purchased for $55.00. This statement piece looks excellent with jeans and a t-shirt.

This gorgeous necklace is called the ‘fluttery breath of life.’ It is for sale in the Etsy shop jewelera for $265.00. This dreamy necklace would look lovely as a bridal accessory. However, it could also be used to accessorize a casual outfit.

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