Unique Gifts From Etsy for your Friends and Family

Purchasing gifts for people can be very difficult. Some people are just hard to shop for! And we all know it can be so difficult to come up with creative, unique gifts! One totally funky and cool solution to the age old gift-purchasing quandary is to shop on Etsy. Have you met Etsy before? If not, we are sorry and sad for you! But that’s okay, we will introduce you now! Etsy is one of THE coolest websites ever. Looking for something handmade, unique, vintage, etc.? Etsy to the rescue! Etsy gifts are the best because they tend to be rare and/or one of a kind. Today, we are bringing you a list of awesome Etsy gifts for everyone you know! Need a wedding present? Etsy’s got it. How about a unique birthday present for your BFF? Etsy has that too. Something special for dad? Yes, Etsy is bound to have something!

Check out these awesomely unique gifts from Etsy!

For mom:


We love this super sweet mother-daughter necklace set. A perfect reminder of the love between you and your mom, and you each get a necklace! This dainty necklace is $84 and it is made out of sterling silver. For other necklaces like this, check out the carriesaxl Etsy page.