Unique Gifts From Etsy for your Friends and Family

For the eclectic couple:

How cool are these digitally printed cloth dolls? They are handmade in Italy which ups the cool factor even more. They can be used as toys, ornaments, or home decorations. We think some funky couples would enjoy having mini versions of themselves made out of cloth. These cloth dolls start at $24.98. Check out LeBambocce for other cool handmade dolls.

For the Simpsons fan (or a boyfriend):

This customized gift is really cool because it is based on a portrait of you! What Simpsons fan wouldn’t want to have a Simpsonized portrait of himself or herself? At $70, this gift is a little pricey but we think its totally worth it. You can print the completed image out wherever you want. For other Simpsons artwork, check out SimpsonsArt Etsy page.