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Marriage is all about fighting for the one you love and getting through things together to make it even stronger. Though everyone dreams of having the perfect marriage with no hardships, sadly it rally doesn’t exist. [Read more…]

As many of you know, the season finale to American Idol came recently where previous Idol winners were brought back to perform. One of those performers being Kelly Clarkson, who was the first season American Idol winner. [Read more…]

Everyone knows that Uber can be very convenient for various reasons when in need of a ride anywhere at any time! Although people claim it to be 100% safe, it really isn’t. [Read more…]

As American Idol finally came to an end, there was no better way to end it then with a performance by fellow American Idol season winner, Carrie Underwood. [Read more…]

Disney star Debby Ryan, arrested for drunk driving! Who would’ve ever thought? [Read more…]

No mother ever wants to see anything bad happen to her children, but Vicki Simmons has seen it all. [Read more…]

Catherine Lucre, is a working nurse and mother from Sydney, Australia. What people really know Catherine for is her strong desire in what she stands for. [Read more…]

Looking for help inside of a near-by diner, pregnant Kaycee was ready to give birth and the baby was coming fast. [Read more…]

It Is a known fact that some couples struggle more than others to get pregnant. For some, it’s the deciding factor for whether or not they look into adoption or not. That was the case here for couple Eric and Rachel White. [Read more…]

In the midst of tornado season back in 2013 taking place in Oklahoma City, a woman named Shayla was in the midst of delivering her first child when the city declared a level 1 tornado warning. Being at Moore Medical Center, the doctors gave Shayla the option of rescheduling her birth or praying for a miracle since the tornado was to directly hit the hospital. [Read more…]