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As this little shy 12 year-old takes the stage during Britain’s Got Talent to sing challenging song from the Broadway musical “Wicked,” Defying Gravity. The judges are completely shocked to hear such a challenging song of choice for such a young girl, but they’re blown away by this performance. [Read more…]

The stunning celebrity, Jennifer Aniston has been named PEOPLE magazine’s most beautiful woman of the year for 2016! This is not the first time Aniston has been awarded this title by PEOPLE magazine. Back in 2004 at the age of 35, Aniston was granted the same title. [Read more…]

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are the now-elusive twins who stole the hearts of many when they shared the role of Michelle Tanner on the hit family show, Full House. From Full House, the twins launched their own movie series, a television show, clothing lines, fan club, toys,  and more. [Read more…]

Iggy Azalea is demanding her privacy regarding her and her fiance Nick Young, after rumours were spread about the couple and Iggy was getting hate and shamed from people on the internet. [Read more…]

Doris Roberts was very well known in the acting industry, getting her first role on broadway in the 1950’s. Roberts was best known for her role as the mother in hit tv show, Everybody Loves Raymond. [Read more…]

If you watched the WB series Gilmore Girls from the early 2000’s until the show ended in 2007, you were probably a pretty big fan. As you may or may not know, the final season of the show was not written by Amy Sherman Palladino or her husband Daniel Palladino (the original writers and creators of the show). [Read more…]

If you think your relationship is complicated, don’t feel too bad! Celebrities are notorious for having some of the most complicated relationships imaginable. Mega-celebrity Megan Fox is one of those celebrities whose relationship status is complicated, VERY complicated. You see, Megan married actor and rapper Brian Austin Green back in 2010. [Read more…]

Hayden Panettiere speaks out after having her first baby about her struggle with postpartum depression. She had her child fifteen months ago, and now speaks about what she did and wants other mothers to hear her out. [Read more…]

Chris Brown will star in his own documentary Welcome to My Life: The Official Chris Brown Documentary, which will release whenever an announcement date comes about. This documentary will cover the rise of Chris Brown as a star, and the decision that changed his whole life forever, which was the night that he assaulted singer and ex Rihanna. [Read more…]

Over the past couple months, nothing has been easy for singer and songwriter, Kesha. As many people know, she has been in a legal fight with her music producer, Dr. Luke who she claimed sexually assaulted her. [Read more…]