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From TMZ; Rachel Roy is taking a stand against Beyonce’s fan base who have accused her of causing big time issues between the singer and Jay Z.

Beyonce released her new album “Lemonade” Saturday and there’s a subtle lyric fans say targets Roy as the reason behind the infamous 2014 elevator fight. Beyonce’s Beyhive took to Roy’s social media accounts to blast her … and Rachel’s had enough.

It’s clear that Beyonce has secretive lyrics in certain songs that accuse Jay Z of cheating on her with Roy, which leads back to the elevator fight.

Roy just took to Twitter saying, “I respect love, marriages, families and strength. What shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone, no matter what, is bullying, of any kind.”

She doesn’t deny any involvement, but the fact she says she respects marriages is pretty interesting.

Dave Chappelle got emotional when remembering Prince … just one night after calling the singer’s death, the “Black 9/11.”

Dave hit up The Nice Guy in West Hollywood Saturday night when our photog asked about Prince. At first, Dave was shy to talk about it … but then called the loss something that’s hit home for everyone.

If you grew up in the 80’s, there’s no way you didn’t know who Prince was. Even kids who grew up in the 90’s still to this day listen and enjoy his music. An idol was lost.

It was reported Dave called Prince’s death the “Black 9/11” at a show in San Francisco Friday … saying it’s important everyone grieves together. You’ll remember … his “Chappelle’s Show” famously featured a skit about the singer in one of its funniest projects.


From The Daily Mail: 

After refusing to appear on her own TV show for most of this week, bosses at ABC are worried that Kelly Ripa could ‘go rogue’ when she finally agrees to return to work.

According to Page Six, Ripa is still refusing to take calls from executives at the networks – still furious after learning she was being ‘overshadowed’ by her co-anchor Michael Strahan, who is to join Good Morning America full time.

The fear is that she could ‘do an Ann Curry’ and turn on her on-screen partner, poisoning the on-air chemistry between them for months to come.

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On-air split? Kelly Ripa (left on Wednesday) still isn’t taking calls from Michael Strahan (right) and ABC execs — and her bosses fear she could go rogue and ‘do an Ann Curry’ on live TV when she agrees to return

Going rogue? Ann Curry was famously sidelined by NBC’s Today show, but it lead to months of harmful chemistry between the presenters on-air

Ripa refused to show up for work on Wednesday after apparently being ‘the last to hear the news’ of her co-anchor’s imminent departure and subsequent promotion.

One insider told New York Post’s Page Six that they are worried she could go off-script. ‘They still don’t know if she’s coming back on Tuesday. Kelly won’t take anyone’s calls. She could get a letter this weekend saying she’s required to turn up to work under her contract, and if she doesn’t show up, she’ll face being sued for damages, such as lost ad revenue.’

An ABC rep has said of such a legal letter, ‘That is completely ridiculous and totally false’ but declined to comment further.

The main fear is that there would be such animosity between the duo that the show would be impossible to continue.

The tension could last at least until September when Strahan is due to leave, and it could make for some uncomfortable viewing.

Another ABC source told Page Six: ‘Kelly and Michael have been faking it for a while. They haven’t been getting on for some time. Things went south when he went part-time to GMA. She resents Michael’s success and her ego can’t take it. But what is ridiculous is that Live is still her show – she’s still the star.’

Sources close to Ripa have confirmed that she will join Strahan on Tuesday – just a week after she took time off from work and cancelled a planned trip to Turks and Caicos in celebration of her 20th anniversary with husband Mark Consuelos.

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From Liftable:

When faced with certain circumstances, some people can’t help but act based on their instincts. In this instance, instincts just happened to save the day for one Florida mother and her kids. Angie Padron was at a Tom Thumb service station getting gas in Hialeah, Florida, as she has done a thousand times before. However, this particular day something happened that Angie would have never predicted.

Out of nowhere, an armed man jumped into the driver’s seat of her vehicle while another was banging on the passenger side window. She frantically yelled at the carjackers, but they continued to get into the car. All the while, Angie’s kids were in the car watching everything unfold.

Thinking of her children, Angie ran to the driver’s side of the car and jumped into the car after the carjacker. She was able to get him out of the seat and after removing his mask, the carjackers aborted their mission as they left in a getaway car. Angie stated she wasn’t thinking about guns or what they could have done to her.

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Today, we received extremely tragic news that has shocked the music world. World famous singer, Prince, was found dead in his Minneapolis estate at the age of 57. Prince’s official cause of death has not be released to the public, but many claim he was battling a flu-like illness for several weeks prior to his death. [Read more…]

Last November, actress Lena Dunham first opened up about her struggles with endometriosis. For Dunham, her endometriosis caused frequent painful cramping, heavy bleeding, mood swings, and fatigue. [Read more…]

Kelly Ripa, star of Live! With Kelly and Michael wasn’t present for the show last Wednesday and no one really knows when she will come back and make an appearance. [Read more…]

The 21 year-old snowboarding champion who recently won the Freeride World Tour, died last Tuesday on the slopes after an avalanche consumed the mountain in which she was riding on. [Read more…]