Touching Pics Will Give You All The Feels about the World

Some days, it seems like everything is going wrong in the world. The local news tends to focus on all the horrible things happening in your neighborhood, and the national news focuses on all the negative events occurring throughout the country.

It can be difficult to escape the seemingly endless bad news and sad stories. Today, we are sharing pictures that should serve to remind you that there are good things happening in this world every day. These touching photos will give you all the feels. Remember, any time is a good time to do something kind for someone else!

This elderly woman finds comfort cradling a pet cat in a nursing facility.

What a loyal companion!

Due to cancer treatments, these boys could not be in the same room. They found a way to play video games together.

This professor has to be one of the best out there!

We only wish we could have seen the photo that follows this one!

This is so sweet.

Such a great kid.

A simple yet important act of kindness!

This just goes to show that you never know the long term impact of a kind deed.

What a nice police officer!

A good remember that acts of kindness do not have to be grand to be beneficial and effective.

How sweet.

We imagine the recipients must have appreciated that kindness.

What a simple, but lovely way to brighten someone’s day!

These photos were found on Pinterest.

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