Tissue Warning…You Must See What This Slain TX Officer Said To His Daughter Before Final Shift | Chicks News

In the days following the horrific murder of 5 Texas police officers, incredible stories about those individuals have come out. 9-year-old Caroline Smith, the daughter of Mike Smith, one of the murdered officers recently disclosed during an interview the heartbreaking final words he said to her before he left for his final shift. As he normally did, Officer Mike Smith gave Caroline a hug and a kiss.

Photo Credit: Fox8

But, right after he did he asked her a shocking question, “What if this is the last time you ever kiss me or hug me?” Caroline said he had never asked her anything like that before. She noted that the interaction felt different to her, and that she felt as though something bad was going to happen when her dad left for work. Unfortunately, Caroline’s hunch was correct. Later that evening the family received the call every police family dreads- Mike had been shot by the sniper and was headed to the hospital. He died during surgery.