This Woman's Was Abandoned As A Baby…What She Did Next Will Inspire and Amaze! | Chicks News

Jillian Sobol was abandoned in a San Francisco State University laundry room as a newborn baby. Jillian was born on November 5, 1984. Shortly after her birth, her mother placed her in a cardboard box and left her in the laundry room. Later, two students found Jillian in the cardboard box and called 911. Baby Jillian was taken to a hospital for examination and monitoring. After a lengthy search, they were able to identify Jillian’s mother who was a sophomore at San Francisco State University. How Jillian responded to this adversity will amaze you and uplift your spirits!!


While Jillian was taken care of at the hospital, she was referred to as Baby Jane Doe. Many articles about her and the circumstances of her birth made headlines in local newspapers. As a result, countless couples applied to adopted Jillian. Helena, Jillian’s birth mother felt that Jillian was the baby for them after reading about her in the local paper. As it turns out, Helena and her husband were on the list of potential adoptive parents for Jillian. A few weeks later, a social worker called to say they had a baby for the Sobol family- and that baby was Jillian. Growing up, Jillian knew about the circumstances behind her adoption. Jillian was able to meet her biological father several years ago, and she has since been in contact with her biological mother.

Jillian’s story has come full circle. At the end of May, Jillian graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management from San Francisco State University, the place she was born. As Jillian says, “I was born to be here.”