This Story of a Little Boy With Autism in Disney World Will Melt Your Heart!! | Chicks News

One mother recently shared an experience she had at Disney World with her 2-year-old son, Jack Jack. If you’re feeling down, check this story out! It will melt your heart!!

Jack Jack is nonverbal and very shy because he has Autism. At first, Jack Jack wanted nothing to do with the costumed characters at Disney World. He would avoid them and showed no interest in being near them. However, everything changed when the toddler met Snow White!

Jack Jack was mesmerized and completely comfortable with the woman who portrayed Snow White. He laid his head on her shoulder and eventually in her lap. He can be seen smiling and looking up at her lovingly.

Photo Credit: Amanda Coley

Jack Jack’s mother could not help but cry! Jack Jack’s interaction with the costumed Snow White character was a huge accomplishment for him. Children with Autism tend to struggle with social interaction, so his loving encounter with Snow White was a very big deal for him. You can watch Jack Jack’s sweet encounter with Snow White in the video below.