This Shocking Creature Could Be Hiding In Your Home. When This Family Woke Up to a Nightmare – Stunned!! | Chicks News

The other week we told you a story about a woman who woke up to find a massive snake slithering through her house in Australia. Today, we have another weird creature story to tell you about! One family recently walked onto their porch only to find a large reptile (a monitor lizard to be exact) calmly hanging out. You must see this!!

The homeowners caught the ordeal on video. The family dogs can be heard (and seen) barking at the large monitor lizard through their screen door. You can see the ginormous reptile is contentedly hanging out in the corner of the porch, but the family is NOT enjoying his company.


The man who own the house takes matters into his own hands by creating a lasso out of rope. As he throws the lasso, the large monitor lizard slides down onto the porch floor. Women can be heard shrieking in terror in the background! The man carefully uses the lasso and a rope to move the large reptile off their property. You just have to see it for yourself!