This Precious Little Boy Does Something Sweet For Fallen Officers

With all the sad news in the world these days, we thought you might enjoy a sweet, uplifting story. A little 3-year-old boy’s mother recently explained to him that many police officers were getting injured. The little boy decided “we should tell them we are thankful for them!” You MUST check out what he does next!!

This special little boy’s name is Xander. Initially, he wanted to bring doughnuts to the police officers because he loves doughnuts. However, his mom worried that might get too expensive.

Photo Credit: Sheeza Ezell

Instead, they decided to hand out Hershey’s Kisses to their local officers. With the help of his mom, Xander took a large bag of Kisses to police officers at the Colorado Spring Police Station. The best part? Xander wore his favorite police officer outfit when he delivered the treats. We imagine the police officers were appreciative of this special treat from such a sweet boy! Perhaps we could follow Xander’s example and do nice things for people in our community.