This Man Was Fed Up With His Career and Ready To Quite! You Won't Believe What He Did!! | Chicks News

Who doesn’t dream of quitting their job to travel and explore? Or dream of quitting their job to spend all their time doing hobbies they love? Regardless of the reason behind it, many people wish they could quit their job. One man decided to stop wishing and take action.

Sergi Basoli quit his job to kayak around the Mediterranean and enjoy the scenery. He started out from his hometown of Barcelona, Spain. From there, he kayaked to Sicily and down the coast. Along the way, he visited many islands. Sergi has traveled in his kayak for the last 3 years. At one point during his travels, he found a dog without an owner. He named the small dog Nirvana. She now travels with him on his kayak! It is quite a sight to see. At night, Sergi and Nirvana camp out on beaches in a tent.

Sergi shares his photos via his Instagram page and his personal website. You can see some of his photos below. You can also check out Sergi’s Instagram page here or his personal webpage here.


Photo Credit: Sergi Basoli / Instagram

Sergi and Nirvana enjoying a ride on their kayak


Photo Credit: Sergi Basoli / Instagram

Best mates


Photo Credit: Sergi Basoli / Instagram

Cute little Nirvana