This Little Boy Had No Idea He Would Become a Trainer For a Sea Lion!

The zoo is a fantastically fun place for children! There, they can learn about animals, observe their behaviors, and have a great time exploring a new place. Recently, one little boy trained a sea lion unintentionally! The little boy stood outside a large tank and observed the animals inside. He then began to wave around a hat that was grasped in his hand.

Photo Credit: Today

Surprisingly, a sea lion took note of the hat and began to follow the boy’s movement of the hat. Over and over, the sea lion would swim up, over, and all around trying to catch the hat. The little boy too notice too. He began to raise the hat high above his head, and would laugh heartily when the sea lion would swim up, roll, and swim back down towards the hat. A few times, the sea lion even opened his mouth as wide as he could! You have to see this hilarious and adorable video for yourself! Check it out below.

Source: DailyMail.UK

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