This Adorable Baby with a Fake Wig & Hair Rollers Looks So Cute – High Cuteness Level Alert | Chicks News

We all think sleeping babies are cute and they look so peaceful. But what about babies dressed up in cute mini-versions of adults’ outfits? That’s even cuter! This picture of an adorable baby with a fake wig who is only eight days old will definitely push the Aww level through the roof.


Who Took This Cute Photo?

Jessie Marrero, a photographer from New Jersey, took some photos that went viral on the Internet, taking social media networks by storm. She posted some amazing pictures of newborns that melted the hearts of thousands of online followers.

Jessie has eight years of experience in the newborn photography industry. She even confessed she succeeded to master this challenging photographic art niche by working around the babies’ nap schedules. Isn’t that pure dedication? If that isn’t true passion for what she does, I don’t know what is!

How to Follow Marrero’s Work

If you want to find some more cuteness overload images, you can easily follow Jessie on her social media accounts such as on Instagram and Facebook. You will definitely find more adorable baby pictures where this one came from.

The photo we are talking about in our post shows a newborn baby who looks like someone’s aunt. She appears to sleep in a local beauty parlor with a pile of fashion magazines around her. If her cuteness wasn’t enough, the photographer also put a fake wig with hair rollers on the baby’s head. Also, she placed her on a tiny pink armchair.

You must have noticed all those details in the image, but I bet some of you are wondering what that small pink detail next to the baby’s chair is. Well, that’s nothing else than a faux hairdryer. The photographer told the media she had bought it from an online store. Then, she placed it along with the other props in her studio.

Moreover, Jessie told us she likes to improvise. So, when she first saw Camila, the adorable baby with a fake wig, she knew she had found her hair roller baby. Marrero became such an experienced professional that it took her only ten minutes to prepare the entire scene as we see it in the photo. As for the magazines, she borrowed them from a nearby beauty salon.

Behind the Scenes

Jessie went further than simply posting her finished result. She lets us see some behind-the-scenes footage that she published on the 1st of August. The baby slept during the entire time. Also, her followers shared the footage over 100,000 times.

So, what’s this newborn-specialized photographer’s secret? According to her, she learned how to read her baby clients. Marrero is able to foresee what the babies will do and how they will act. That allows her to take beautiful pictures with the babies posing in all kinds of aww-inducing styles.

There’s no need to say that Jessie was totally surprised to see that her photo shoot has gone viral in a short period. She declared she feels humbled by all our support and that, for her, it has been a great ride.

Images source: Jessie Marrero Photography