This 88-Year Old & Incredibly Stylish Grandma Will Impress You with Her Street Fashion Skills | Chicks News

Usually, when people think about elderly people, they don’t really associate them with concepts such as fashionable, trendy, and in style. Well, Moon Lin, an incredibly stylish grandma, who is 88 years old and lives in Taiwan, is taking the digital environment by storm. She proves us wrong by making a statement through her bold and youthful outfits.

Moon Lin has developed a passion for streetwear and she is not afraid or shy to show it. Every time she is out and about, the 88-years old rocks her fashion taste. This is how she manages to stand out in every crowd. According to her statements, she is doing what she has always desired to do: following her heart.

This fashionable grandma has preferences when it comes to clothes and brands. She loves certain brands like Bape, Supreme, and Y-3 more than others. So, we can say Moon Lin knows exactly what she is doing.

Another thing that we can learn from is how proudly she is wearing and showing her aging signs and wrinkles. She is even courageous enough to wear short pants and ripped funky jeans. Moon Lin doesn’t forget to properly accessorize all her outfits with cool shades, hats, and other trendy items.

How It All Began

Lin became popular last May when she asked a person on the street to take a picture of her so that she could post it on her Instagram account. Since then, she went viral and gained an impressive number of followers and fans. The person that took her photo has even shared the entire story in a private Facebook group that is very popular in Taiwan.

Moon Lin admitted having created the Instagram account because, according to her statement, it makes her feel younger. Dressing up has always been Lin’s passion and she even purchases all the outfits herself. She uses a selfie stick to take her own pictures. Still, there are situations in which she asks other people on the street to take her photo.

Her Instagram Success

One might say that the entire world loves her style thanks to her viral Instagram posts. Since her first published photo, her account has gained more than 80 thousand followers which, in today’s society, is a huge accomplishment.

Some of her followers are so dedicated that they even created art that shows Lin and her trendy outfits.

As we can see from the outfits of this incredibly stylish grandma, appearance, and youthful behavior, there is no such thing as becoming too old to be fashionable and cool. Even Lin is surprised to see how many people support her and her out-of-the-ordinary style. She said she had not expected to gain so many fans. But I bet she enjoys this entire experience.

Pursuing what you really want without caring too much about others’ opinion is something we should all consider. This is what this incredibly stylish grandma did. You go, Moon Lin!

For more pictures, check out Moon Lin’s Instagram Account.