These Wedding Color Themes Are Stunning & Unique

It may only be the very beginning of February, but wedding season will be here before you know it. If you are a bride-to-be, you know that planning ahead is basically a necessity in the wedding world. For many brides, wedding ideas start swirling within minutes of answering “YES!” to a marriage proposal. For others, those wedding ideas pop up before a wedding or a proposal is even on the horizon! With websites like Pinterest and apps like Instagram readily accessible, it is easier than ever to stumble across (or flat out search) for wedding ideas that you love. Today, we are showing you some unique and fresh wedding color themes.

As you may already know, choosing wedding color themes is a very important part of planning a wedding. Why? Because it sets the tone for the event. From the flowers to the bridesmaid dresses, decorations to accessories, the themes of different wedding colors typically influence these details. The sooner you select your colors, the easy it is to make definitive plans. If you want to go with a more unusual color scheme, we have some great ideas for you! Check them out below!

Unique Wedding Color Themes:

1) Emerald & Aqua


Credit: Pinterest

We love this combination of emerald and aqua. This is perfect for a March wedding (if you are going with a St. Patrick’s Day vibe!) It is also great for a fall or winter wedding. We like the inclusion of other shades of green as well, but you could stick exclusively with the emerald and aqua colors. With this color theme, it would be easy to incorporate mossy decor, natural greens, grasses, and succulents. Lovely!

2) Vibrant Rainbow

Credit: Pinterest

This vibrant rainbow color theme is most definitely for the couple who likes to be unique! In many ways, rainbow colors are extremely easy to work with. It is much easier to find a variety of common colors than it is one specific, unusual color. There are many ways to incorporate your vibrant rainbow colors into your wedding. You can add subtle hints of color (such as white or solid colored tablecloths with bright pops of colored centerpieces) or you could have color everywhere. You could have your bridesmaids wear the major colors of the rainbow, or you could have them wear dresses that are the same color but have different colored bouquets. The sky really is the limit with a rainbow color theme!

3) Blush Tones

Credit: Pinterest

How pretty and elegant is this blush tones color theme? This theme feels delicate and enchanting. We love the incorporation of other subtle tones such as tan and taupe. The blush tones theme is perfect for a spring wedding, but you could make it work any time of the year.

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4) Bright Jewel Tones

Credit: Pinterest

We love this bright, jewel-tone wedding color theme. This color theme is vibrant, but not overwhelming! You could incorporate all the jewel tones depicted here, or you could select just one or two that you like. There are many different ways to work with these gorgeous colors. An added benefit is that these jewel tones look lovely on all different skin tones. Unlike pale yellows and other light colors, jewel tones look great on everyone. These tones are lovely for a fall or early winter wedding, but you really could use them any time of the year.

5) Copper & Shades of Green

Credit: Pinterest

This copper and shades of green color theme is beautiful for the couple who wants unique but subtle colors. We love how this color theme has a bit of a rustic feel to it. You could incorporate rustic elements such as the twine pictured above securing the green fabric. The copper and shades of green color combo work well with a summer or spring wedding. This would pair nicely with an outdoor wedding.

6) Coral & Aqua

Credit: Pinterest

How fun is this coral and aqua color combo? We love this bright, happy color theme for a wedding on the beach. This color theme is most ideal for a summer wedding. It really lends itself well to a sunny outdoor wedding. There are many ways to incorporate your coral and aqua colors into your wedding even if your venue is a neutral palate.

7) Earth Tones

Credit: Pinterest

Here we have a beautiful earth-tones color theme. This is great for the couple who likes calm, subtle colors. We love this color combo for an outdoor, earthy wedding in a garden or a forest. You could even use this color theme for a beach wedding. It has a lovely romantic, cozy feel to it. It could be used in most any season. When it comes to wedding color themes, you really can’t go wrong with this pretty, earthy combo.

8) Lavender & Mint

Credit: Pinterest

How beautiful is this lavender and mint color theme? This is a color combo you might not commonly think of, but it works so well together. We love the use of lavender plants as bouquets. This is sure to be low cost yet still gorgeous. This color combo is great for a spring or summer wedding in a beautiful garden or outdoor venue.

9) Yellow & Mint

Credit: Pinterest

This yellow and mint color combo is a little less unusual than some, but we think it is gorgeous! This is such a light and airy color theme. It is beautiful for a spring wedding filled with bright yellow flowers and mint accents. You can also pair the yellow and mint with solid neutrals such as light tan, beige, and taupe.

10) Pastel Rainbow

Credit: Pinterest

Earlier, we showed you a vibrant rainbow color theme. Here we have the more muted version! This is a pastel rainbow theme. We adore this! How sweet are those rainbow pastels? Like the vibrant rainbow color combo, it is so much easier to find a variety of colors rather than one or two specific (or difficult to find) colors! There are so many ways to incorporate your pastel rainbow colors. As pictured above, you can be subtle with your colors (such as by having your groomsmen rock pastel socks), or more bold with a pastel rainbow wedding dress! This is such a great color combo for spring and summer weddings.

11) Royal Blue & Bright Orange

Credit: Pinterest

Finally, we have a beautiful royal blue and bright orange color theme. We love these deep colors for a fall wedding. The colors are rather captivating. There are no naturally occurring royal blue flowers, so you really need that orange accent color (or an alternative color) to incorporate everything. You can also add in white accents to complete this color theme.

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