These 5 Homes Are Perfect In Case Of A Zombie Apocalypse | Chicks News


➥ Sometimes the grass IS greener (or neon-er) on the other side.


➥ The perfect place to curl up with a book and hot cocoa, when the end of the world is here!


➥ That kitchen…SIGH.


➥ Ridiculously awesome panorama views of the ocean.

#3 – Appropriately named the ‘Safe House’, this insane two-story concrete home is located in a small village outside Warsaw, Poland. It offers amazing security in a very liveable package!

➥ One more reason why you should never judge a book by its cover!

➥ Beautiful Luxury Home by Day, Impenetrable Concrete Fortress by Night.

➥ Detached swimming pool. I love the floor to ceiling windows.

➥ The Safe House’s main floor. The floating staircase (far right) is a beautiful touch if you ask me!

➥ Depending on if the home is opened or closed, you get a patio that’s either indoors or outdoors!.

➥ Much of the Safe House’s energy is renewable – using heat pumps and solar panels to generate passive heating.

#4 – This countryside home in Austria isn’t built of stone and concrete, but its private location more than makes up for that! It’s the perfect blend of tradition and modern day design.

➥ Who needs a zombie-proof fortress, when you’re in the middle of the beautiful nowhere!

➥ Gotta love that wood-washed interior and bedroom walk-out deck.

➥ “I don’t mind the view” = Understatement Of The Year.

➥ Each of the three levels of the house has outdoor access – why don’t more houses do this??

#5 – Zombies can’t swim. It’s science. That simple fact, makes this next house our top pick for the safest getaway home! This bungalow can even float from place to place, giving you excellent mobility and scenery changes on demand.


➥ Designed for developer H2orizon, this house comes with two large bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and kitchen.


➥ With views like this, I don’t think I could ever get out of bed…

➥ Glass curtain walls help reduce sea sickness


➥ I love how the design allows SO much natural light to entire inside the house!


➥ Who cares about swim-up bars?! It’s all about the swim-up houses these days.