These 11 Easter Bunnies Will Traumatize Your Children

When you think of Easter Bunnies, you generally visualize a cute, fluffy white rabbit. His ears and eyes are oversized. Heck, he might even wear a dapper bow. Thinking about the Easter Bunny might even give you the warm fuzzies as you reflect back on your happy memories from your childhood.

But, what if you are one of those children who met a not-so-friendly looking Easter Bunny. You know, the kind that looks just plain demented. If you had that experience, your memories might not be so warm and fuzzy. Perhaps you can laugh about it now, but let’s be honest. You were totally traumatized as a child! Today, we bring you some hilarious yet disturbing creepy Easter Bunny photos. These are the kind of Easter pictures you might not want to sit out in your house…

Behold, the creepy Easter bunnies:

Hello, deranged Easter bunny if we ever saw one!

While not as disturbing as some, this bunny is definitely creepy. This looks like a pink nightmare!

Those poor, traumatized children. We would be crying, too.

Well, there is so much to say about this photo. YIKES. Easter bunny, get some pants that fit! Your Cadbury Cream Eggs are showing!

This Easter bunny’s face looks like it was washed in a washing machine and then shrunk because it spent too much time in a dryer. But those kids don’t seem to mind, so its all good.

Alright, Bunny. Fess up! What did you get into??  You are looking high as a kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite!

How would you react if this bunny visited you in your dream? Yikes.


Don’t stare into the bunny’s eyes for too long. It might suck out your soul quicker than you can say marshmallow peep!

Something went wrong with this Easter bunny. Something went very wrong. The kids knows it too. Just look at his facial expression.

Two words: utterly disturbing.

We saved the best for last. This East bunny is the creep de la creep. Costume designer, don’t quit your day job!!