There’s Something About The Midwest Kids Captured In These Photos That’s Otherworldly

Everything in the world is beautiful as long as we take the time to look at it – those are the words that Jake Olson lives by. Jake is an award-winning, internationally recognized photographer, and his efforts have resulted in something that is truly magical. He’s taken normal, everyday subjects and with the mind of a true artist, has transformed them into timeless photos that capture the heart and soul of the American Midwest.

Working out of Blair, Nebraska, the thing that makes Mr. Olson’s story inspiring is the fact he didn’t even pursue photography until he was 38! After realizing that photography was his true passion in life, Jake too a chance and left a promising jewelry business in 2010 to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

That gamble paid off, and today his work can be found everywhere including Vogue UK, the Huffington Post and National Geographic. Jake Olson is a reminder to everyone that life is too short not to follow one’s dreams. True happiness can only be achieved when you find your passion in life, and then find a way to get paid for it!

Get ready for lots of warm golden light, sweet smiles, endless country roads, and pure adorableness:

All Photo Credit Attributed to Jake Olson Studios

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